Product Information

EZ Boat Lettering is owned and operated by Homevise LLC. At EZ Boat Lettering we provide high quality custom boat lettering , boat and PWC registration numbers, graphics and decals. Our vinyl products are made from high performance cast PVC film which has an excellent durability of 5 -7 year exterior life.  All Boat Registration "Numbers" are the required 3 inch height and come in a matching pair (one for each side). Each set is pre-spaced and ready to apply. You will also receive details application intruction with each order along with online resources for reference. 

How does letter height work? 

The letter height is measured from the lowest decending character and the highest accending character to measure the total height.

How does the length work?

The lenght listed in the product purchase item is the maximum lenth of the item. For example if you purchase 6" x 36" boat name, the maximum lenght is 36" depending on the number of characters needed and the font selection. For example, a boat name of "Cool" will not extend to 36". A boat name of "Cool Daze of Sun" may extend the entire 36" depending on the font selection.